Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) is a method of movement education and rehabilitation created by Moshe Feldenkrais D.Sc. Taught in group classes or private sessions, ATM can help you improve your self-awareness, coordination, agility, and ease in all your actions. Utilizing what is known about how the brain and nervous system learns, ATM can facilitate profound improvements in the way you move even after many years of dysfunction and pain.

About ATM Classes

In an ATM class, you learn to let go of limiting and inefficient habits as you discover easier and more effective ways to move. Movements are done slowly and gently, with attention to detail. An ATM lesson is a little like a musical composition with themes and variations that help clarify and improve a specific movement pattern. As you are guided through these structured explorations, you are encouraged to move with less force, more attention, and greater sense of connection through yourself. By the end of an ATM you find yourself moving with greater fluidity and grace, with a deeper sense of yourself and your capabilities, relaxed and ready to embrace your day.


You may benefit from Awareness Through Movement classes if you wish to improve:

  • Your coordination, agility and flexibility
  • Your balance and stability
  • Your ease and grace
  • Your self-awareness
  • Your recovery from an injury, joint replacement, or other movement set-back

Contact Susan Free for information on her public Awareness Through Movement classes in Toronto.